All photography provided by Forrest Webber

Our Past

After walking the straight-and-narrow for a long time… one day, he stepped out into the unknown.

Our Mission

To be wanderers bravely departing from worn paths.

To encourage and support creative lives, lifestyles, and work.

To empower adventurous journeys of freedom, exploration and discovery.

“When we begin a wandering journey we do well to make ample space for it.” - Forrest Webber

Are you presently…

+ Getting ready for the journey of a lifetime?

+ Wanting to hit the eject button on your current expired way of living?

+ Exiting a significant career, relationship, community, or belief system?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell.

We believe

+ Wandering is a rich phase of life.

+ Wandering is beneficial to discovery beyond the ego.

+ Wandering from something unfulfilling can be a step to meaningful existence.