Wander as if you have no idea. No destination.

Wander no idea destination

Wandering with "no idea" leaves our big questions open, unanswered, in humble recognition of their enormity, their mystery.

By living this way, we keep our eyes open, we keep the curtain on the stage of life open and we watch.

Allow yourself to feel small again, wanderer, on this big, beautiful earth.  Invite yourself be in awe of the starry night sky.  Treasure your fear, hold it close as you wade into a sea that holds depth that is beyond your capacity to grasp.

Throw yourself into the crashing ocean waves and let them have their way with you. Brave your feet into a dark cave, staying present with bated breath.

When things feel important to us, we feel a solemn weight on our shoulders.  We carry them trustingly, unwittingly dethroning the spontaneity of our childhood which once held and guided us in celebration of living life. 

wander with no idea

LIFE. Living it. Feeling it. Embracing it. 

But we so quickly succumb to the tyranny of productivity. Our fluid dance through life's greatness becomes monotonous marching to the drum of society's expectations..

And we wonder why we feel empty... our souls auctioned for the price of an austere career of misery masked by smiles and bank balances.

Meandering about, reveling in the ecstasies of nature isn't a slippery slope into living a purposeless life.  (Neither is Wandering in your career, your community, and your spirituality, by the way).

Wandering is a gateway to presence.

The door is opened through surrender. Wander as if you have no idea what it means.

Discover more of who you are by walking >> not talking.  We unearth life's goldmines by opening your eyes to it. It's right in front of you.

Let your life be a poem full of meaning that can't be explained.